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GOP Meltdown?

Where oh where is the backbone in the Republican House of Representatives in Washington?   They know they were elected for one main reason .. and that was to stop the spending… make the hard cuts… slash the budget… whatever they must do to bring this nation somewhat into the realm of reality where money is concerned.

Above all .. they were elected to repeal Obamacare.

Are we instead looking at a GOP meltdown?

If not … then what is the problem now.. in setting up a plan and sticking by it?

Why will they not hold the line?

This statement .. and this alone.. should be enough to give each one of them what they need to stand up for why they are there..

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y), who heads the Senate Democratic messaging operation, said the defections showed the “far right” wing of the GOP was blocking compromise on a budget deal.

“This is a bad omen that shows how difficult it will be for Speaker Boehner to bring the Tea Party along for any long-term compromise,” he said in a statement. “In order to avert a shutdown, Speaker Boehner should consider leaving the Tea Party behind and instead seek a consensus in the House among moderate Republicans and a group of Democrats.”

How hard is it to stand against that?

A token $6 billion cut is an insult to every person who voted these guys into office.  This measure addresses not one more penny than that.

If holding the line … as some Republicans say they will do by not voting for this …  means a shutdown in government .. then so be it... but why can they not use their backbones and do what they promised they would do?

There cannot be compromise in this .. for to do that means to give in to more spending by the Democrats.

Call your representative.  Let them know you are holding them accountable.  If this third stop gap bill is passed… then when will these people stand up and say this is it … we are done.. we must make this real?

They must stop the spending .. they must start bringing this country back in line with reality.  If it means doing this over and over again until the next election.. when the Senators are on the live for their jobs.. so be it.

It must be done.

Do not compromise.  Do not give in.

Do not allow them to wallow in a meltdown and believe it is acceptable.

Remember why they have been put where they are and demand they do what they must if they value their jobs.

Remind them of that over and over and over again.

It may be disgusting to think we must do that… that they don’t have the backbone on their own to just do what they were elected to do… but that does not count right now.

What counts is we cannot afford a GOP meltdown.

What a sad state of affairs.

Here is one huge reason to “stick by their guns”…   Senator Reid “offended”…

… and Senator Boehner needs to stick with those freshmen “tea party backed” Congressmen.

… and as we fight for our freedom from every angle, as General Petraeus worries about not having enouh money to support our troops in Afghanistan.. and Japan fights for its life and Libya fights for its voice …. Obama is busy taping his NCAA tournament picks … which we will be blessed to be able to view on ESPN on Wednesday.  He has to get that done … after all .. he .. Obama ….  is going to Rio de Janeiro next Sunday. Total checkout time.

.. also.. give the Republicans credit for putting the pressure on in many ways…  such as cap and trade and net neutrality and the Frank-Dodd financial regulations .. but they must keep the pressure on on the repeal of Obamacare and stop the spending.

No more continuing resolutions on the budget!