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Government And Sex Education

Liberals have a very up to date way of dealing with sex education … teach the kids about contraception and when that fails… teach them about their right to an abortion.

No where .. ever .. do you read or hear about them promoting the teaching of the one thing that works better than all …. the need for abstinence.

Teens are not ready emotionally for the consequences of sex.  Teach them that along with the very good reasons for abstinence and the chances are far greater they will get through those years safely ..much more so than by teaching them of contraception .. which in essence is teaching them that sex is just fine as long as you are responsible.


The REAL act…. the Responsible Education About Life act .. is winding its way through Congress .. asking for money money money for more education on contracetion while labelling it “abstinence plus”.

Our kids deserve better than this from the adults in our society.

Of course… the teaching that sticks comes from home.



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