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Government Fed Hysteria?

We are just getting beyond the Gulf oil spill that the government on one hand tried to cause hyteria over while on the other was saying ‘come on down….the water’s fine”.

Now comes the lowly egg.

Who ever decided to pick on the egg?

The beyond massive egg recall has to be a joke .. it just has to be.   Who in the world could even suggest such a recall?  Everyone knows all you must do to make sure an egg is OK is to COOK it.

Now we have businesses who will not serve an egg for fear of getting sued by someone who says they have a stomach ache from an egg they served them.  Don’t believe me?  Try getting an egg sandwich from Starbuck’s.

We have an unknown number of egg producers … and their chickens .. put on hold … never mind how many employees sent home … similar to the thousands of employees sent home because of the completely needless moratorium put on oil drilling.

This of course falls right in line with what Obama is attempting to do to the fisheries. Total control is the goal.

Whoever would have thought the day would come .. and so quickly .. that our government would prove itself so completely against we the people?

This egg recall is absolutely needless and anyone with any common sense and reason knows that.

There is no common sense or reason left in Washington.

Will it be possible to restore it?