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Government Motors Flying High

Government Motors seems to be flying high these days.

What with a two minute Super Bowl commercial by Chrysler which cost we the taxpayers somewhere around 10 million dollars … give or take a few.. and that is just for the air time , never mind the cost of producing the commercial including Eminem’s fee … and with Fiat and Chrysler announcing its soon to be merger and GM touting its wonder of wonders .. Volt … what could possibly have  a rosier looking future?

Do any of you people out there wonder how in the world we ever got roped in to funding three auto companies for Obama?

It would be interesting indeed to know exactly how much money is being poured into these companies by this administration… keeping in mind that this administration is not making a single penny of its own to spend.  It would also be interesting to know just how much of our money the UAW .. who just happens to be co-owners with Obama .. is getting allotted for its use.

It would also be interesting to know just when the UAW plans to shed its shares of those companies as it so boldly and loudly promised it would do come last June.

We all know Obama has no intention of ever giving up his share .. anymore than the union does.

Just think… all of this transpired because Rick Waggoner had the nerve to go to Washington and ask the Federal Government for a loan of 3.5 billion dollars.

Instead of giving the loan … of course … Obama just simply took over the company … lock stock and barrel … promptly paying off the UAW loyals by giving almost half of GM to them and then enfolded Fiat with the promise of bringing us all its wonderful pocket car .. which we shall all learn to love for that is the car Obama has decided we shall all drive … except he and all those who have stood with him is this wonderful transformation of our treasured car companies.

What a sad day.

Government Motors … flying high … whether or not we want  its cars.

It will survive… for Obama has deemed it so.

Should we all go broke in the process .. that is just the price of his “success”.

By the way .. the latest news break is that Obama has demanded that corporate profits have to be shared with the workers.  How in the world does he think those workers are paid … how they get raises .. bonuses et al.. if it is not through the sharing of profits?

Perhaps this statement of his was a precursor to a law that will set exactly how much of those profits must be shared with the workers.

With Obama … the takeover will not be complete until we are another third world country seeking kerosene for our oil lamps.

In the meantime … Michelle is busy telling our resaurants how they should serve their food … and what they should serve.

Oh what an embarrassment we the people must be to those two … leading a nation of fools.  No wonder Obama has felt the need to go around the world apologizing for us all.

Keep in touch with Washington .. people.

We are in the fight for our lives.

Government Motors flying high indeed … but never fear … for Obama is making the “tough” choices.

He has cut 125 million dollars from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.. something our wonderful Great Lakes never needed to begin with.

$125 million dollars … against a 1.5 TRILLION DEFICIT in this year’s budget alone.

The tough choices.