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Government Motors Joins The Fight

Don’t we have enough with Obama et all pushing against us and our freedoms?

Isn’t it bad enough that we have Obama and Gore et al shoving global warming and energy conservation and all down our throats .. to have their way in telling us how to live?

Isn’t it bad enough to have Obama and Gore and Michelle et al trying to force us to even eat as they demand?

Now we have the head of Government Motors (formerly known as the greatest auto company on earth… General Motors) pushing for an increase in the gas tax to force us even more to buy Government Motors cars... their small fuel efficient cars that have been a complete failure to this point simply because they are not what Americans want to drive.

OH… but we will drive them.

Simply push that gas price up and up and up and up.

Could this all be a part of the deal Government Motors has with Obama .. have they truly given up their soul in every way?  It sure goes against all that the car companies have ever and always worked for .. this call for a higher gas tax by a car company CEO.

Where is America going?

Where is our freedom going?

Are we past the point of no return?

Eat according to Michelle’s orders ….  drive according to Government Motors orders ….  think according to Obama. Our voices mean nothing.  Our choices mean nothing.

We will live by their choices .. for they know best.


It continues on… and on…. and on.

Should we be surprised by Government Motor’s stance on pushing the cost of gas up?  Of course not… it is after all… Government Motors.

In the meantime… Obama stands up and talks as though he is on another planet.  Nothing he says is the truth.. nothing he says is related in any way to the reality of today … from the number of jobs created to how much in debt we are … and on and on and on.  None of that matters to him.  He is on a path to fulfill his agenda .. which requires lying with the confidence it is the truth to fool as many as he can and push all honest freedom loving people out of his path.

It is complete madness … but it is working for him.  It is working.

Complete and total madness….

… and where oh where has common sense and reason gone?  How hard would it be to tell Obama he cannot spend what we don’t have anymore? If we go bankrupt because the debt ceiling cannot be raised.. well… that is coming sooner or later .. and for sure if the spending goes on as it of course will if the debt ceiling is raised.

Stop the spending!  Simple.  The GOP holds the reins there.

Can they .. will they .. do what they must?