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Government Should Decide To Whom Free Speech Applies?

Read this article and make your decision of whether or not Elena Kagan is a good choice to sit on our Supreme Court … deciding cases according to our Constituion for the sake of all American citizens.

Some of what Kagan has said in the past…….

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan said the high court should be focused on ferreting out improper governmental motives when deciding First Amendment cases, arguing that the government’s reasons for restricting free speech were what mattered most and not necessarily the effect of those restrictions on speech.

….. that examination of the motives of government is the proper approach for the Supreme Court when looking at whether a law violates the First Amendment. While not denying that other concerns, such as the impact of a law, can be taken into account, Kagan argued that governmental motive is “the most important” factor.

If the motive is to shut down those they think are saying harmful things concernimg things the government is doing … would that be sufficient?  It would surely fit Obama’s agenda to close down those who dare to oppose him publicly in any way.

Look at what he told the graduates at Hampton University… that “too much information is a distraction” … when the whole idea of education is to obtain as much information as you possibly can .. and we all know how Obama feels about those such as Rush Limbaugh who dare to speak the truth so openly to all.  If you have no cure … just read this.  It will give you some idea of how much love lost is there … as you digest the crudness of the remark coming from the person who sits in the Oval Office of our White House.

Kagan could be a very scary addition to our Supreme Court.

The mainstsream media seems to think she will get a very quick undisputed nod.


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