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Hatch Against Obamacare?

When Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is against something the liberal Dems are for  .. you had better look twice at what those Democrats are trying to shove down your throat.

In this case it is Obama’s healthcare… which Hatch terms as “out of this world”.

That is a clear and loud warning bell .. people.

This bill if passed as Obama wants it .. or even nearly as Obama wants it.. or passed at all .. will be a monkey on every shoulder of every American citizen forever.

Not only does the plan raise the deficit by a trillion dollars just to start.. .but the tax revenues coming into the government coffers are at a very low number .. and this administration proposes raising taxes even more .. which is the only way the money needed for this outrageous plan can be paid for .. out of your pocket.

You will be paying dearly for this great free plan .. yet have absolutely no say in how any of it is managed or how any of it will affect you or your health.

When even Orrin Hatch says it is bad … it is bad.  He usually seems to be a far left Democrat running as a Republican.

Again.. let it be a sound of warning.

Let your Representatives and Senators know just how much you want the governement making your health care decisions for you .. or not.

Call and call and call and call.  Let your voice be heard.  It does matter. It does count.

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