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Healthcare 2011

Now that Obama’s healthcare has begun to kick in .. have you noticed a difference in yours?

If not … you are fortunate indeed.

Here are some changes in one basic family healthcare plan.

An annual physical was always a must.  Now three further screenings are mandatory … a bodyfat screen, a nicotine screen and a depression screen.

If your body fat falls above the level set by the healthcare provider … you will be forced to sign up with Weightwatchers .. and only Weightwatchers … and follow their plan till your body fat is at the level the healthcare provider demands.  Until then .. all members of the plan will pay high copay fees.  Agents from the healthcare provider will monitor your progress with Weightwatchers .. including whether or not you are attending .. and keep a record thereof.

The same follows with smoking.  You will follow their smoking cessation plan and pay high copays until you are smoke and nicotine free.

Depression has the same demands.  You will follow their regimen until you are no longer suffering from depression.

The low copay only applies to those who live up to their demands completely.

The low copay has doubled in price.

Welcome … national “everyone will be taken care of ” healthcare.

Welcome .. the end of personal health freedom … or .. the election of personal health freedom without healthcare.  I seriously contemplate choosing the second… not because I am overweight or because I smoke or because I am suffering from depression .. but simply because I believe in freedom.

Of course .. then I will eventually be jailed for not purchasing healthcare which the government will say I must do.

Will our representatives in Congress who still operate from common sense and reason have any chance at all of undoing any of this?  With each infringement on our freeedom .. that hope seems further and further in the distance.

Oh how I pray I am wrong.

In the meantime .. .Obama continues to humiliate our greatest friends and allies…. as he kicks the Brits in the shins.

No one has ever been a greater embarrassment to this nation than Obama … and all we can do is hope the Brits understand he does not speak for we the people.

Right along with this comes Obama’s plan to give each of us a “private” internet ID that will certainly protect our privacy … from everyone except the government.

Keep those lines to Washington very wide open and active.  It is our freedom slipping away faster than anyone could possibly ever have imagined it could be .. and all right from the center of our White House.