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Hillary’s Religion Is Power

images-1 Hillary's Religion Is Power

Hillary’s religion is power.

Someone like Hillary whose religion is power  will do all he/she must to retain or gain power and has nothing at all to do with caring about others.

Hillary is showing that in the release of Podesta’s emails.

Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails

Clinton had already pronounced how she feels about half of the American people as ‘irredeemable deplorables, racists, misogynists, islamophobes’ and whatever isms you can come up with.

Now we come to find out how she feels about more Americans  .. and all her people have to say is ‘the Russians’ are responsible for getting those emails out…. working with Trump to sway the election.

She is driven to full power over all … at any cost … with any lies.

Who will you vote for?

Remember … our nation as we have always known it to be is at stake.  If Hillary Clinton is elected … our freedoms will be erased and we will bow to her rules or be attacked.  We see how that works by watching the election campaigns.  Never in time has the opposition to the Democrats been attacked as Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides today… with the media doing all it can to help Clinton … and it will only get worse …but for all of us … if she is elected.

Remember … Hillary’s religion is power.

All of her promises are even more vacant than Obama’s were. The reality is she will follow her “private” personna if elected .. while presenting her “public” personna to we the people.  We will not know what she is doing in private until her bad deeds are done and we will have no power to fight them … even as she publicly tells us all how she cares so much for all of us … especially our children.

She WILL take our freedoms away … using executive orders if she must.  Obama has already set the precedent for that … showing how he could even get away with signing treaties without the consent of Congress.

She will go after all conservative voices.

She will do all she can to shut all opposition down once and for all.

With her religion being power … Hillary will tolerate no voices proclaiming who and what she really is after her election.

Obama began the downfall of this great nation.  He has set the path that Hillary Clinton will step onto and widen if she is elected … guided one thing only … her religion … power.

Who will YOU vote for?

Here is hypocrisy at its highest level.

Michelle Obama Says Trump Tape Has “Shaken me to my core!”

Apparently she hasn’t seen the latest Obama video.

Obama shows off in plane in front of giggling female reporters… you will see here what he shows off.

That is disgusting to its core … a so called man in the middle of his campaign for the presidency of the United States.