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Ho Hum… One More Insult

Obama’s school speech went on.

Some teachers turned it on.  Some didn’t.

Students yawned.

The time passed .. the event is done.

The American public succeeded in insuring it was a mild nonevent after all.. something the administration more likely than not never intended it to be.

Who would send out preliminary instructions (lesson plan) of how to handle this speech if the intention was to have it be a mild non-event?

That being said… the administration and those who back it fired another insult to the American people .. this time to those who would dare have their children’s welfare at heart.. those who would be alert to anyone or anythign that would tend to try to mold their children’t minds in to thinking in a way not really on par with what the parents would wish for them.

Those who were thinking this way and dared to stand up and speak of it were told from lofty heights that they were staging nothing more than a food fight akin to that in Animal House.

On second thought .. perhaps it was no insult or all.

The insult would be if there was no reaction whatsoever to the protests.

America .. you did it again.  Keep it up.

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