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Hold Steady.. All You Responsible Congressmen

Hold steady … all you responsible Congressmen in Washington.


The bipartisan jobs bill is just another sign of what this administration is all about.  It will never be satisifed with anything but spenidng, spending and more spending … and pork and pork and more pork.

Look at what they did here….

No matter what Obama or the hard core backers of him in Congress say.. no matter what kind of promises they seem to make… nothing they say means a thing.

There is one way only things will be in their minds .. and that is their way .. one way or another.

They will now … after seeing the reaction of the public to their policies .. invite all to their table .. but the table will not be reset.

It will never be reset as far as they are concerned.

Hold steady.

Now is the time to let them know their set table will never have guests sitting at it.

Not ever.

Hold steady … all you responsible freedom loving Congress men and women.

You are what stands between a free America  and total chaos.

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