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Homeland Security And A Shutdown

If the Homeland Security Department were shut down by a lack of funding because the Obama immigration garbage was taken out of the funding bill …. why in the world is the media saying if that happened the whole country would be put at risk by ISIS?????

There are 230, 000 employees at DHS.

30,0000 of them would be affected by a shutdown.

Thirty thousand out of two hundred and thirty thousand.

Surely those thirty thousand who would be affected are not those who our country’s safety is in the hands of??????

In reality …. those thirty thousand are most likely looking forward to a paid “furlough”.. or vacation …. for they know they will be eventually paid for that time off.

Why in the world is Boehner acting as though he is one of Reids flunkies?????

Is he.. in a different part of his world?

You would think so as he certainly seems to feel he must bow down at his commands … along with thinking that every other Republican in the Congress must do the same.

The Republicans won control of Congress for one reason and one reason only…. to STOP Obama in his tracks as he works continuously to undermine every single freedom our brave men over the years have fought to win and protect for us .. for we the people.

Obama does not care about we the people.

It is beginning to show definitively that neither does Boehner.

What in the world is he afraid of????

Are the Republicans really afraind of voting against Reid because if the DHS does shut down…. and Obama again does crazy things as he did during the partial shutdown…. the public will turn against them … the Republicans .. and blame them for all the stupid moves Obama will pull????

Do they have no trust in the intelligence of we the people?

Do they not know the reason they were elected in the first place??????