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How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is when the truth as one wishes it were can be layed out there as sweet and innocent and pure as new fallen snow .. all in a movie for the whole world to see.

That is how it is with the movie “Machete”… which treats illegal aliens as pure victims of evil racist Americans.

“The Reconquista Is Here” by James P. Pinkerton says it all.

Think many will be fooled by this movie?


Now the former Obama budget director Peter Orszag advises leaving Bush tax cuts in place... all of them .. for the time being … to … gasp … help the struggling jobs market!!  Of course .. he says in the next breath that they should be cut altogether then after two years … to pay for the deficit. Of course .. Obama does not agree at all.  Gotta pay for that deficit … so he can plan on spending more and more and more .. you know .. on jobs!

How sweet it is .. to be so ignorant.

And now here comes a Muslim lawmaker … saying all those Americans who do not really like the idea of a mosque being erected at Ground Zero are nothing more than religious bigots and birthers.

“The fact is that the real driver of this thing is not 9/11 families,” Rep.  Keith Ellison  (D MINN) said. “The people who are leading the anti-mosque effort … are people who openly proclaim that Barack Obama is not a citizen. The real organizers of this thing are people who are just proponents of religious bigotry. Nothing more, nothing less.”

How sweet it is .. to shift things to try to be just as you wish to see them to be.

How sad .. and how misquided.

Some people must just think they are privileged and have the right to take advantage of their positions in any way they see fit. So it seems to be for Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas who had awarded only 23 scholarships to two grandsons, two great-nephews and two children of a top aide .. asking the Congressional Black Causus to send the money directly to the grandsons and great-nephews rather than to the colleges.

How sweet it is to have such perks.

How sweet it is.