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How To Get Away With Voter Registration Fraud



If you were going to practice voter registration fraud for the purposes of making sure your candidate had a more than fair chance to win a certain election … you can take lessons on how to get away with it by following the New Georgia Project .. in Georgia of course.

This organization is having a registration drive and it is being investigated by the state who feels somebody is doing something wrong.

The reaction by the New Georgia Project should be just to open its books and allow the state to clear them.

Oh no.

Instead they are yelling very loudly… racism… voter suppression!

“You don’t have to wear a hood — you don’t have to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan to be engaged in voter suppression. We know voter suppression when we see it…”  said Raphael Warnock of the Presbyterian church… who is associated with the New Georgia Project.

How dare ANYONE try to stop what may be their miscreant ways!

Read about it all here…..