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Hurrah For Our Storied Harvard!

If you ever wondered what in the world is so great about Harvard …. or any of the other Ivy League schools that seem to cater to mainly the elite….this story should speak legions of words.

Twisted Ivy: Harvard students say US is bigger threat to world peace than ISIS.

This is not to say all students have this same mindset …. but it is a statement of the thinking of the professors on campus who have a whole bunch of students who have never ever had the opportunity to think for themselves… but have been born into a life of “this is how we have always done it and always will .. no matter what…”…. creating minds that are easily molded by their ‘mentors’ to come.

What a sad sad day for our country … that it has really come to this … that we would have those who look at themselves no doubt as the ‘cream of the crop’ and ‘leaders to be’ for our country who would have the thought that we the United States is something to be feared concerning world peace more than ISIS who would cut off any of their heads in an instant  … given even half a chance.