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Ignorance Wins As The Whole World Loses

Today is a sad day for America.

Ignorance won in an election that will once again affect the whole world.

We … America … has and always will be the last great hope for this world as far as freedom goes. Once that is lost here … what is left?

We lost a large part of that freedom last night … through the ignorance of millions.

There always remains hope.

Hope that Obama will one day recognize just what he is doing to this country is a long shot.

Hope that Congress will recognize they are the only ones that stand between our freedom and the loss of it and  decide to stand up against the bold power moves of Obama is something we have been hoping for for four years now. We stood up and demanded they do just that two years ago in another election … but they seemed not to hear us.

Can we renew that hope?

Hope that our governors will stand up for the sovereingty of our states and defend that is a real posibility but they may have to do it at he expense of cutting themselves off completely from all federal … or taxpayer… aid.

If that is what it will take to protect our freedom … then so be it.

Hope that all those ignorant ones who heard the voice “go vote” but had to turn to  Google first to see who was running will somehow realize just what the result of that ignorance brings.

That hope is a dim one.

Hope that those who truly believe that all those who have worked hard and been successful “owe” them the fortunes of that success will somehow come to learn that you do not have a claim on anything you did not earn.

That hope is a dim one.

Hope that somehow all those ignorant ones will pick up a history book and discover just how fortunate we have been in this country and come to know that freedom is the one thing worth giving your life for if necessary as thousands whom have gone before us have done so we could have the privilege to stand up and vote for those whom we felt would guard that  freedom most effectively.

It becomes rather ironic when we realize it is just that which we as true Americans treasure the most … freedom … that becomes the very thing that may destroy us. When a great asset is put into the hands of the ignorant … chaos prevails … just as with guns.


Can it stand for another four years?