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Iran.. Tyranny Against The People

Iran annouces a landslide victory in Iran for Ahmadinejad as it blacks out the country from the rest of the world … and a Senior U.S. official says yes … the election was fixed .. as the Iranian people know it was.

Here is the result of tyranny against the people who just want democracy .. and are cheated out of their chance at it by a corrupt government who robbed them of their election…..

Fast Tube by Casper

Iran in turmoil … and all you can do is ache for those people as you watch… and as this is written the news is breaking that Mousavi has been arrested .. which will surely not help the people calm down.

They should be applauded also for their courage to stand up and fight for their rights.

Obama has a real task ahead of him now .. if he still plans to deal with Iran via “negotiations”.

How can he negotiate with a sham leader .. one who will throttle his own people’s voices?

It will be interesting to see what he does … but this is horrifying for the Iranian people… horrifying for the fact that thier voices could be shut down by violent means if Ahmadinejad chooses.

It is also horrifying to think that some day the frustrations in our own country  … could build up to something similar to this by a government out of control with power grabbing.

Here are more videos showing the bedlam .. the worst unrest in ten years there  .. Michael Totten.

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