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Is There Any Sanity Left?

Is there any sanity left in Washington?

Is there anyone who has the guts to just say NO?  Of course we need more than just one to have the guts to say that … don’t we?

I don’t pretend to know how Washington works.. these days it seems it just doesn’t … but certainly with the House controlled by the Republicans…. so called conservatives … something can be done to stop the massive spending the Democrats long to continue.

Not if you listen to reports such as the following…

GOP worries they’ll have to accept massive spending measure.


Pass the bills in the House and send them to the Senate… and then … let them shut  down the government .   It is doing much much much more harm than good these days anyhow.

SHUT IT DOWN .. if needs be.

Just do not give in and allow them to spend those added trillions they seem to know you will give to them if they just keep doing nothing … and that is just what they are doing.


Absolutely nothing … and the GOP is falling at their feet?

Where oh where has sanity gone?