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Is This Where We May Be?

Is this where we may be?

If the national health care bill of Obama is passed and signed into law today… is this were we will be?

“Collectivism justifies any means to achieve its great ends. Any expediency is justified, no matter how it may affect individuals or small groups, for the benefit of the whole. The “greater goal” justifies even horrific means.
Collectivist principles justify the rise of totally unprincipled apparatchiks. Once collectivist goals are accepted, the way is open for demagogues and ruthless men to gather the “strength” needed to impose the needed measures. To rise in such a system, only totally callous apparatchiks are desired. They must be “unreservably committed to the person of the leader; but next to this the most important thing is that they should be completely unprincipled and literally capable of everything.”

The above is a quote from “The Road To Serfdom” by F.A. Hayek.

To all those who so dearly love this country and the freedom we live by … today will feel like a lifetime as we await the results of the healthcare vote.

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