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Respect Of 3000 Plus The Imam

We do have a right to be objecting to the mosque being built next to Ground Zero.  Three thousand American lives give us that right. Now is shown it is the Imam of that mosque that gives our reason to object added ground … as if 3000 lives weren’t enough.

Without knowing anything about the Muslim religion … without knowing anything about the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf .. who is the prayer leader of this mosque … the objection is justified.  It was …after all … Muslim terrorists who were responsible for attacking us and killing those 3000 Americans.

Nothing more should be needed to be said. It is simple common sense and reason to object … and it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with respect.

Now comes the new revelation of the Imam of this mosque … brought to the public eye by Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs and the reasons for objecting rise a thousand fold.  He is not a friend of the America we know and love.  He would more likely be a friend of the radical preacher Jeremiah Wright who Obama sat and listened to for 20 years.

We all have reason to object .. and especially those New Yorkers who lived the terror of 9/11 .. put there at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

Fast Tube by Casper

What more needs to be said .. other than this is the same guy for whom our tax dollars are being used .. future tax dollars as we are broke as broke can be  … to send him on ‘goodwill religious tolerance’ trips to the mideast?

Do you object?

There is something we should all become aware of .. and that is the goal of the Muslim world.  It is directed from the Qur’an … and if a Muslim professes to be a true Muslim … would he not be obligated to follow those directives?

If you study the Qur’an even just a little .. you can quickly find where any Muslim who turns from being a Muslim is opening himself up to death. The punishment of shunning your Muslim belief is to be killed.

You can read where every Muslim is encouraged to attack those who do not believe as they do .. or will not believe as they do…. to attack and kill.  The goal for every Muslim should be for the whole world to follow Sharia law. Those who will not should be killed.

Therefore … though we all know of course that all Muslims are not terrorists .. it can also be said that all Muslims have the teachings to be terrorists.

Either that or the people who proclaim themselves to be Muslim really are not Muslim at all.

These of course are very short and broad directives listed above .. but certainly an Imam of a Mosque is aware of those directives and is compelled to follow them.

There is one goal only in this life for the Muslims as taught in the Qur’an .. to bring the whole world under Sharia law at any cost to their individual lives … therefore the suicide bombings .. the suicide missions like those that caused 9/11.

Should we object?

We have no choice.