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It Is Up To Us

More and more as we read each days headlines … we can see that it is up to us to make sure this country stays strong and free.

Tomorrow are the primaries around the nation. ┬áIf we do not vote and do not put the right candidates up for election in November .. if we do not elect those right candidates in November and turn Congress around … the chances of this great country surviving the plowdown by Obama will be slim to nothing.

Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our own government has become our enemy’.

Mexican drug cartel puts million dollars on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Ethics panel files formal case against Rep.Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Andy Griffith ad said to be misleading … oh no.. not Andy Griffith!

Obama whines that Republicans are out to “bamboozle” the people… this from the greatest bamboozler of all.

… and now comes lady gaga …

Fast Tube by Casper

Hot Air has a great breakdown of her “performance”….

Get out and vote.

It is up to us.