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Just Do The Right Thing Even If It Means Eating Those Peas

Stop the spending!

Do the right thing… you conservatives in Washington who hold the future path for this great country of ours.

Do not give in to Obama’s foot stomping words .. his finger pointing .. his attempt to turn this debt ceiling thing around to make it appear as though he is the one who has been trying so hard to get something done while all the conservatives there have just been ““too focused on positioning and political posturing” to make difficult choices.

This after months of knowing this day was coming … as he went vacationing and golfing.

His twisting and bending and total disregard for truth and facts is unbelievable.

Just do the right thing … you who care about this country in Washington.

Call Obama’s bluff … Rep. Cantor.  Let the chips fall where they may.  If we default .. we default.  It is all on Obama’s watch and the result of his work. If Obama really cared he would be sitting down and working to get rid of all the waste this government has in every corner.  He would be working day and night to get the books balanced instead of demanding an increase in his way beyond overspent credit card.

We cannot spend anymore.  There is no more money.  We families have no more money.  Our grandchildren’s money has already been spent.

Stop the spending now  … at any cost.

Obama .. you are right on one thing…. it is time to eat our peas… but the sad thing is …. it is your peas we have been forced to choke down.  Now we must choke them all down and get this country back … getting it out of your hands.

It is the same old story.. we have to get back to common sense and reason. Throw all the extraneous garbage out that is choking us and begin again.

How many of we as families have had to do the same thing?

The sad part is .. it does not have to be this way.  Stop the spending. Get rid of all entitlements to healthy whole people who need none.  Cut those taxes on every single business in this country so they can operate and grow and hire and pay so those getting paid can buy and consume.

We must get back to fiscal reponsibility.

How hard is that to understand?

How hard is it to do?

It will be hardest on those who have become lazy and self indulgent through the giveaways of this government paid for by those healthy hard working Americans who have pride in themselves and country.

You who have been elected to stand up for the well being of this country of ours … just do the right thing.

What more can be said?