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Justice David Souter’s Last Case … A WINNER!

Today is Justice David Souter’s last day on the Supreme Court and he will be ruling on his last case.

The case?

It’s a reverse discrimination case filed by white firefighters in New Haven, Conn. They argued they were discriminated against when the city tossed out the results of a promotion exam because too few minorities scored high enough on it.

Sonia Sotomayor … the person named to replace Souter on the Court … was one of three judges who upheld the appeals courts decision.

How small this world is.

We will be watching closely for the outcome of this vote…

…. and the vote is in  … and the vote is a winner for what is truly right by Constitutional law.  The Court found for the white firefighters and against what Sotomayor had upheld …. the lower court’s decision which was against the firefighters of New Haven, CT.

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