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Lest We Forget

General Motors reports a huge profit this quarter ... back to back with last quarter.

Lest we forget … General Motors is now Government Motors… all controlled by Obama. As he works to try to force us to believe everything he is doing is just the opposite of what he is truly doing … what can we really believe about these reports?

This following report by Obama is especially suspect .. as you would surely agree if you lived in the areas hardest hit by this takeover of his…

“For the first time in more than five years, the Big Three are operating at a profit,” he said Wednesday, “and the auto industry has added 76,000 jobs since last June — that’s the strongest period of job growth in more than 10 years.”

The report also is that Government … whoops … General Motors will be offering public stock … perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

Time will tell how much fact is in that report.