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Let Every State Follow Suit … Plus

What would happen if every state followed the example of Texas?

Perry: Texas Won’t Implement Obamacare

How do you feel about our President embracing the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt by inviting the new Egyptian leader to the White House?

Are we going to all be intimidated into silence for voicing beliefs that differ with the far left?  Brad Pitt’s mom fearful after voicing opinions against Obama… bullied into silence…. 

This is something you will not read about in our mainstream press….  Outrage over mob attack in Michigan..

What is happening to this great country?  How did the left become so forceful?  Why has the truth become something to hide?

The voice of truth .. integrity.. our freedom .. morality .. honor … all that this great country has always stood for hangs in the balance.

Make your vote count in preserving greatness.