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Let’s Beat On Toyota

Wed. 2/24 Update:

From the Detroit News …  FBI searches 3 local auto suppliers .. and you guessed it… they are tied to Toyota.

Wed. 2/23

Let’s beat on Toyota … because we can.

That seems to be the logic in this administration.

Oh .. Obama is far away from the center but you know he is the center of it all.  After all.. he has Obama Govenment Motors to protect at any cost and get back on top in the auto world and he of course has his union cohorts and coowners to remind him of that lest he forget.  Paybacks .. you know.

Magically .. the car “bugs” are travelling very precisely throughout the Toyota fleet .. with steering in the Corolla and Matrix now under attack.

What began with a probe of a handful of complaints has risen to a degree of potentially ruining a car company ..and if it does that .. would you like to take a guess at how many jobs will be lost?

By the way .. the Chevrolet Cobalt has ten times more National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) complaints than the Corolla and Matrix.  How soon do you think the investigation there will begin?  That was a joke.. the part about the start of an investigation.

Of many jobs are lost   is not Obama’s concern.  After all…. Government Motors will have eliminated a threat.  Obama Motors has one goal in mind and that would be to be the last one standing …. and making the cars Obama long ago decided to be the cars we will buy and drive.

Once Toyota is finished off…. who will be next?

How long do you think it will be before Ford is in the search light?

Right now it is “let’s beat on Toyota”.

Don’t think for a moment it isn’t contrived.

This administration is about nothing more than that… and we will do as it plans.

Will we survive to November?

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