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Life Is Directly Affected By Obamacare

For anyone who is saying Obamacare is the greatest thing to come along since life itself …. there is something you really should become aware of.

Life is being affected by Obamacare …. and not in a good way.

A young man with a very honed skill in dentistry …. creating the crowns and teeth that replace those of nature …. just lost his very positive job … positive until Obamacare hit the scene.

The lab he worked for does very high end work utilizing very top end skills producing very top end products  …. from gold crowns to partial dentures.  It has been a bustling healthily flourishing business for years … and suddenly it is on the verge of being forced to close.  To this point .. it has been forced to lay off its best skilled workers … for the jobs coming in have just … stopped … at the time of the year that is normally their busiest time.

The young man was laid off … leaving he and his wife and four young children with no income and no health insurance … much less dental insurance.

In his attempt to see find out what plan his family qualifies for under Obamacare  … he was met with a frustrating ‘sorry we cannot help you at this time’ sort of thing .. in other words… he has been completely unable to find out whether or not he qualifies for any plan.

UPDATE:  He found out the plan he would qualify for offers a “rebate” that amounts to a minute fraction of the cost of the plan and does not even put an atom size dent in the size of the deductible.  Knowing he just cannot afford to pay the monthly premium much less the deductible.. he has opted to pay whatever fine he must pay and keep his fingers crossed that none of them get seriously ill.

He has no idea how long he will be laid off .. for the lab owner has no idea when work will pick up .. for all of those who have lost their health insurance surely now have no dental insurance … and dental health has to be put behind general health cares.

So here is just one family … and how it has been directly affected by Obamacare … from losing his job to losing his healthcare to perhaps ending up losing his home if no other job opens up for him.

Just how many times over is this being repeated all over our great nation?

The sad thing is we the people have just begun to get over the horrible recession pushed upon us by other Obama policies …. for we are a resilient bunch and do what we must in spite of anyone… but now… here we are again. In fact … this same young man I am speaking of came very close to losing his home when the recession hit.  He did what he had to in order to keep it … and finally things were looking good once more … and now this.

Pushed down to the bottom once more.

Obamacare … the best thing since life itself.

Where oh where have our representatives been while this has been forced upon us? Not reading what was in it … for sure.

Where oh where are they who are in power who have the courage to say enough is enough and begin to stand up for we the people?

Life is being affected by Obamacare …. and in the most negative ways possible.