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A Limbaugh Lesson For Every True American

If you value your freedom… you need to read what Rush Limbaugh spoke today.  It should be immediately put into the hands and eyes and ears of every single American who has no idea of what is going on in this country outside of what the mainstream media reports.

The mainstream media is all lies and distortions … all twisted and contorted and hidden news … engineered to sway and mold every single American to their way of thinking which leads to total control.

Read this and make sure every single person you know also reads it.  It is imperative that every single one knows the truth of the state of this nation now. The attack on this great nation of ours is from within and it is real and it has been going on for years and years and finally is coming to a head.

Where will you stand if you are asked to take a stand?

America Is Under Attack From Within