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Madman In The White House











The news that Obama has given Iran all it has demanded in a nuclear “deal” proves that there is a madman in the White House.

What President of the United States in his/her right mind would deal at all with Iran on anything …. the country who wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth and who has declared death to America and who kills and maims its own citizens and who harbors terrorists and on and on and on?

This comes right on the heels of Obama revealing Israel’s nuclear program to the world.

There is a madman in the White House.

Will Congress stand up to even attempt to do anything to stop him?

A visit with Netanyahu…..William Kristol

Obama backs U.N. stating Israel is worst of human rights violations of all countries in the world.

American born Rabbi compares Obama to Haman … who lashed out at the Jews … while referring to Netanyahu as Mordechai .. who fought to save the Jews.

Tell me…why are we negotiating with Iran???  Iran militia chief:”…erasing Israel off the map”… is “non-negotiable”.