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Media And Its Loss of Dignity

Never before has our main media shown such a loss of dignity as it has since the death of bin Laden.

The wrangling over who did and said and shot and photographed what is a media circus … and to top it off … the media … in trying to make President George W. Bush look like an ungrateful media grabbing whining child because of his polite decline of Obama’s invitation to join him at the World Trade Center site today shows a complete and total void of dignity in a way that is nothing short of appalling.

Obama of course … ┬áputs on a show of dignity whenever it will benefit his course of permanent campaigning .. which results in no dignity whatsoever.

That the media would finally match him by falling completely to his level is not surprising but it is a mark of where this country stands as far as who wants the power in Washington and why and it is a definite statement of just how low the media will go should Obama not be reelected in 2012.

There will be even less truth being printed … and more nit picking and finger pointing and word twisiting to the degree that each of us had better know for ourselves where the truth is coming from and who is doing what to try to make it look like anything but the truth.

The only consolation is that the truth never needs defending … it always somehow manages to defend itself …. as again was shown on Sunday .. April 29, 2011 with the death of Osama bin Laden… an inevitable end for him in the war he declared.

The truth will stand the test.

Our media is failing miserably.