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Michigan Shows Where Policy Matters

Michigan’s Governor Granholm has turned the state she was elected to run over to the left policies in every way possible.. with spending and more spending and taxes raised and still more taxes proposed .. making Michigan one of the worst possible states for anyone to do business in.

This state is a true example of why policy matters.

The entitlement policy of the left .. where government has the power and ability to do all for every one .. has been proven to be a lie.  However.. have people become so dependent on them that they will riot if you take them away?

Detroit … a heavily “entitled” area … is up to around 30% umemployment … and people like Granholm and Obama look for more money to extend unemployment rather than look at the reality.

People are dependent on government to take care of them. The higher the unemployment the greater the number of people become dependent.  The greater number of people becoming dependent means more money is needed from the taxpayers to pay for them.

The greater the number of people on the government “dole”  … the greater number of state employees are needed to “service” them .. so more taxpayers money is needed to pay for their salaries.

It is a vicious cylce with never ever a good end in site.

All you need to do is read this … and see the effects of the left policy of tax and spend.

It is ruining our state.

Governor Granholm has gone around the world attempting to “buy” jobs for Michigan with a $2 billion dollar “jobs fund” .. and if she was asked how many jobs she has been able to “buy”… her answer would have to be “nothing significant”.

You cannot buy jobs.

You must make the environment welcome for entrpreneurs .. for businesses.  High taxes will not grow jobs.Government spending of money it does not have will not develop jobs.

People having money who are interested in making money will create jobs.

The entitlements have to stop … government itself has to shrink.. and not by cutting police forces and teachers .. but by cutting administration in government itself .. just as all the auto companies as well as all other businesses  in the state have had to do .. just as all families in the state have had to do.

Cut the give away of the taxpayers money … allow those who earn it to keep it and see what happens to our economy.  Can you imagine what our economy would be today had Obama given each of us $40,000 instead of grabbing up all that money… deficit money at that … and calling it a “stimulus package”?

There would be no recession … that you can be assured of.  If people are allowed to keep the money they earn  .. they spend it or invest it … and either way makes the economy soar.

That is how America has survived to now.

If that ends .. America ends.

Governor Granholm heads a state that is the perfect example at this point of that end result.

Hopefully …. an election this year will put someone in Lansing who can begin the arduous task of cleaning up her mess.

Look at Michigan … people.

Don’t follow suit.

Policy matters.

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