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Military Death Benefits Paid By Private Foundation As Obama Stirs “Anarchy”

“We are a nation that has a government—not the other way around.”
—Ronald Reagan


President Obama ordered all military death penalties paid to families be stopped … even though he signed a bill allowing the Pentagon to pay necessary bills …. but the American people come through.

This time a private military foundation stood up to make those payments.

This administration shows every single day how little it really cares about the people.  It is good to see that some are beginning to defy his unreasonable orders.

However .. it is impossible to understand how anyone can follow his orders the way the rangers at Yellowstone Park did when they closed down the park.

It makes it a little more clear how Hitler was able to obtain such a following to where he finally got people to do the unspeakable things he did get them to do during the Holocaust.

Can it happen here?

It has already begun.

Ignorance of the people really is whawwt makes the first step into tyranny possible.

BUT WE CAN AND WILL FIGHT IT! (mainly by just ignoring those orders where ever and whenever possible).

This is OUR land… after all!

We are Americans after all!

We don’t lie down and die easily!

This would have been interesting to witness .. an “off the record” meeting at the White House of five conservative journalists with Obama.

The national park police … these are fellow Americans you are treating this way….