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Mirandizing Madness

Obama now has our soldiers mirandizing the enemy in the Mideast as they are detained as war prisoners.

This has been done without any Congressional notice.

Congressman Mike Rogers (MI)… former Army and FBI… found out this was being done when he made a trip to the Mideast recently.  FBI and CIA officers and soldiers are frustrated with the confusion this is causing ….. while prisoners are being told by others than Americans …. “tell them you want a lawyer”.

This defeats the whole purpose of the war on terrorism.

Remember… these are NOT American citizens being mirandized.  They are PRISONERS OF WAR .. people who will do anything including giving their lives to see us dead.

Obama needs to have a reality check done here.  He is way out of bounds of what our country is.  How is this madness being allowed to happen?  Is it because he sits in that seat of the Oval Office?  Are there no checks and balance to what he does?

Of course … this is all a part of Obama’s “global justice” drive.. where everyone in the world will have the same rights to justice we here have .. and those of course who are less will have more.

Here is one responses to being questioned about this mirandizing….

“Well.. we aren’t doing it everywhere … and not to everyone.”

Why not?  How unfair is that?  Isn’t it only fair if you offer it to one in one spot outside of the United States .. to one who is not an American citizen… that you must offer it to all?

Of course this is Obama’s goal.

He WILL be leader of this world.. and he WILL do it his way.

Remember .. he did not even bother to notify Congress of this mirandizing being done to prisoners of war.

He just did it … behind closed doors .. in secret.

How much more is being done behind those closed doors?

P.S.  It sure would be interesting to know what his second oath of office was.. behind those closed doors … and to see his proof of United States natural citizenship.

Would any true American citizen choose to destroy this country and all it stands for?

Why the secrecy?  HONESTY.  Transparency.  Two things sorely missing in the Oval Office today.

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