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Nancy Pelosi idea of reality severely skewed.

“We have to change the environment. We cannot let the Republicans define the playing field as they have,” Pelosi told Democrats on a conference call sometime after the past midterm election.

Change the environment?

Not allow the Republicans to define the playing field?

Nancy Pelosi needs a serious reality shakeup.  Her present view of reality is severly skewed.

It was the environment of the Democratic administration … with all of its freedom limiting … liberty stealing policies and tactics…that has this country where it is today .

It is we the people who are defining the playing field … with the use of a very real and legal device … the ballot.

Wake up, Nancy!

We the people have spoken … loudly and clearly.

Her thinking is the exact carbon copy of Obama’s… which goes something like this….

‘ If you Republicans would vote for what I am demanding … then of course we could work together!  Congress has not worked at all since I have been in office because it simply stupidly absolutely refuses to vote for what I am demanding they vote for … and since you won’t … I have no alternative but to use my executive privilege and sign an executive action for those things I want.’

It really is time for hope and change … and fast.