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No Election Cheating In Illinois!














I wonder if I am the only one who firmly believes without any proof that the only reason Obama got into office for a second term was due to election fraud?

Of course … there is no election cheating in Illinois.

That would be an almost sacrilegious thing to even suspect.

Then again … it is almost sacrilegious to even make the first statement above … if even out of sarcasm. Isn’t Cook County Illinois known worldwide for its election fraud?

All residents all over the country ought to be made vigilant on election day to make sure their ballot is registered correctly.  It is very possible that the machine you use will be rigged to register only one party candidate … that of the Democrat’s … as happened to State Representative candidate Jim Moynihan when he went in to register early.

Chicagoland voting machine casts candidate’s vote for his Dem opponent.

Who says honesty is the best virtue?