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No Safe Refuge Anywhere Anymore?

Update… May 7,2012   What may be the most obvious yet attempt at a Washington coverup … a feeble attempt to explain away their ineptness, their fight against freedom.. whatever you may choose to call it… has just been unfolded for all to see….   Officials feared Chen had cancer while in embassy.  

It is hilarious beyond belief … except that this is our administration at work.. the so called leaders of the free world.

What a sad pathetic  joke … a slap in the face of all freedom loving people worldwide.


With the events unfolding as they are concerning Chen Guangcheng in China … and Obama and Hillary’s handling of his case…. forcing him out of the Embassy instead of protecting him… is there now no safe refuge for anyone anywhere anymore?

We were always taught that anyone coming to an American Embassy anywhere was safe.

Has this administration taken that away now too?

Here is the latest on what seems to have taken place over in our Embassy in China……

What a horrible embarrassmet Obama and Hillalry are to this great nation of ours…. and it remains to be seen if Chen Guangcheng will ever be heard from again.

One thing that may belp him is the fact that this case is becoming so well publicized.

Let’s hope so .. for all of our sakes… him, his family … and freedom lovers everywhere.

Here is a follow-up on Chen…..