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North Korea’s Threat

North Korea is getting bolder step by step.

Each threat is escalating .. and why wouldn’t they?  All they meet in resistance is a finger shake saying they shouldn’t be doing those things.

The latest threat is to fire a long range missile to Hawaii in July.

It does make me wonder what a strong President would be doing.  My guess would be North Korea would not have gotten this far along… would have been stopped dead in their tracks .. and not by the United Nations .. who will never do a thing but say you can’t have this if you do that.

It is a scary spot for us to be in for we are not the friends of North Korea… or Iran … or Cuba.

It is scary to know we have a man in the Oval Office who doesn’t seem to be tuned in to the reality of this world at all.

All Obama does is proffer words and words and words to our real live enemies worldwide …. while he takes over his own country.

It brings a person to the point where all there is left to do is say  …. God help us all.


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