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Not Corrupt

He’s not corrupt.  He says so.  All he did was mistakenly forget to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and income … and after all.. who is immune from making that mistake .. right? So .. please please please … release him.

Rangel:”Don’t leave me swinging in the wind.”

He is so sorry for any embarrassment he has caused.  He surely didn’t mean it … after all .. he is an upstanding respected very moral leader in Congress… right?

That of course .. is Charlie Rangel… and it is just amazing how these people manage to somehow try to talk themselves out of the truth of their own actions … and many times win!

It remains to be seen how much sorry sympathy Rangel’s rant on the floor brings upon him… but he is right about one thing… let’s get this over with already.  Enough “swinging in the wind” .


Nah… he’s not corrupt.

Just forgetful.

This could be rated comedy if it wasn’t so pathetically real.

By the way .. any bets on how soon the IRS will find you if you became that forgetful?