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Nothing Is Exempt

Make sure you vote and get all you know to vote.  Nothing is exempt from Obama’s hands of control

On the block now are all non-government funded schools … all as this administration calls them … “for profit” schools .. once more using words to twist things and make them seem to be that which they are not .. evil.

These “for profit” schools are evil .. they somehow or other make it impossible for students to pay back their loans or something … any excuse they can put in words to tax them more and force them to close their doors .. or force them to take government money to survive… thereby giving the government a right to take them over.

Why not?

Everything else is free game .. why not these schools?

After all .. look at how great the government has done and continues to do with the public schools .. sort of like the same great job it has done creating jobs and all that stuff.

Get off our backs .. Washington.

Vote next month.  We must get government off our backs or we will not survive.

Nothing is exempt.

Not one thing.

The people who run these schools .. and work at them … get paid for doing so.  Obama calls them “for profit” schools with great derision.  Why?  Could it be because they are “free” schools .. not in any way controlled by him?

Oh.. by the way.. Obama is calling for another mere $50 billion for more road work. Jobs .. you know .. never mind that each job “created” this way costs the taxpayer .. you and I … a gazillion dollars.