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Now For The Quick Fix Or Two Or Three

The Democrats are coming up with solutions to fixing such actions as the Tucson shooting so fast it is hard to keep up with them.

First of course they had to determine who was to blame and there were and are an endless supply of conservatives upon which to pin that… in fact all of them are fair targets for not one of them agree with all of the policies of the far left liberals and have the nerve to say so publicly.  Of course it is their fault.

There.  That was easy.

Now for the fix… just to make sure something like this never ever happens again.

Number one…  Make sure no one is allowed to speak up in such negative terms again … against anything the libs are trying to do “for the sake and good of the people”.  After all… what is a good government for?  To do that .. all that needs to be done is make sure those who are speaking in such violent negative inflammatory ways are never again allowed to.  Negative and inflammatory of course encompasses any talk against any policy period.  Simple solution.  Make a law.

Number two…  Make sure that every single member of Congress is guarded permanently against anyone ever saying or printing or implying anything negative about them.  After all .. all that negative talk just feeds the incentive in people to go out and shoot those members of Congress.   Can’t have that happening ever again.  Simple.  Make a law. This would apply to any printed or spoken word that can even be percieved as being negative of course.

Number three … Let’s finally get gun control under control. Just ban them .. period. Make a law.  That will do it.

Number four … Make sure all political opposition talk is shut down during all election campaigns… as well as before and after. Make a law.

Number five .. make sure all above .. one through four .. are determined, written, handled, controlled, overseen … whatever needs to be done to enforce them .. including deciding what is or is not deemed to fall under each law … by the right people … those who know … the liberals … of course.

That will fix it all.

Wasn’t that easy?

Now a return to reality … just a reminder of what this freedom cost.