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Obama Accomplishments










Here are some of the Obama administration and the Democrats’ accomplishments in six short years:

Destroyed our national sovereignty.

Destroyed healthcare.

Destroyed the sanctity of marriage.

Purged our military of all top personnel and weakened it by droves.

Turned race relations back 100 years.

Attacked the police and praised criminals.

Quadrupled the number of people on food stamps.

Put a record amount of people out of the work force.

Restarted the Cold War.

Destroyed our Allies and supported out enemies.

Reverted the Middle East back into the middle ages. 

Turned it IRS and the NSA into the KGB.

Doubled the national debt.

Infested America with foreign diseases.

Turned flying into a security checkline nightmare with the TSA.

Wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on the scam of “global warming” while destroying coal miners’ lives.

Greatly empowered and supported Islamic radicals.

Flooded America with illegal aliens, Muslims and Africans.

Taken over the internet … “if you like your internet you can keep it!”

Caused an innumerable amount of Americans to distrust and fear our Federal government.

Hope you all like the kept promises of a “fundamentally changed” America and the wonders of “hope and change”.

Let’s hope we can still survive the next 21 months.

We can.

We are America.

Michael Goodwin on Obama’s accomplishments…..