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Obama And His Rampant Spending Mindset

Even as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into debt and bankruptcy … Obama calls for more and more and more spending.

First he called again on Congress for billions of dollars for the so called “doc fix”…. saying without it doctors will not be paid for medicare patients and would stop seeing them.  Scare .. scare … scare … or is it a threat?

Next he called on Congress to send more and more and more to the states to subsidize teachers, firefighters and other publicly employed officials … or they may be laid off.  Scare … scare… scare .. or is it a threat?

Who does he think has the money to pay for all he is spending … the same old question.   Who?

Does he plan to donate his money?

That would only be fair …. as it is his… Obama’s .. rampant spending mindset that is bringing this country down.

Of course … you have to include Pelosi and all her cronies in Congress .. without whom Obama’s rampant spending mindset would have been kept there … in his mind.

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