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Obama Determined

Obama is determined to not allow we the people to have a say in how our country is run.

This showed again yesterday when he threatened to veto a bill that would allow the government to remain open for one more week  … while at the same time guaranteeing that our troops would be paid through September in case of a government shut down.  The bill also calls for another $12 billion in budget cuts.

Obama said … ‘nope’ .. saying he would veto any such thing.

Of course the single thing causing the no is the idea that any of  ‘his’ money would be taken away … and it matters not what the people say or demand of him … as the November election clearly stated.

Stop spending! That is what we demanded and we are the ones who have the right to demand .. not Obama.

We all know Obama has no intention of doing that.. stop spending … anymore than he has any intention of allowing us to drill for our own oil and be free of any depenence on mideastern oil.

Things will be done as he demands … period.


This country simply cannot afford to compromise with him even if he chose to.  We cannot compromise for one single penny… and the Republicans in Congress need to maintain the backbones to stand up to that reality day after day after day … even if they must face a government shutdown every day until November of 2012.

We cannot afford to continue Obama’s ways no matter how determinded Obama may be in doing just that.

The very backbone of this nation is at stake now.

It has been bent to the breaking point with Obama’s tactics. That load has to be taken off so it can breathe and be free once more.

The Republicans must be more determined than Obama.

In the meantime… there seems to be ongoing and horrible confusion in Libya even as Obama seems to favor sending in our ground troops into Libyaeven as he has said there will be no ground troops in Libya.

Never mind that he claimed we have no business in anyone’s civil wars … and never mind that the dictator there is not a threat to our security … but the people fighting to overthrow him very well may be … as terrorist muslims seem to want to infiltrate each of these mid-east countries whom Obama wants to aide in “obtaining” their “freedom”.

Also.. remember … as they say so arrogantly .. that the non-war war has been turned over to NATO :   an American heads the NATO operations.