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Obama Fall Guys

Update:  The truth comes out… as it always does… and lo and behold… General Petraeus was just compiling his report on his personal investigation of the Benghazi attack.  

To think they made a mess of  so many many lives just to cover Obama’s incompetence.


Wonder what it took to “persuade” General Petraeus to resign and then to decline the request to testify at the Benghazi hearing regardless of the circumstances of today?

 “He was looking forward to testifying,” a Petraeus friend told ABC News. “He wanted to be fully prepared.”


General Patraeus … director of the CIA … resigns … due to extramarital affair uncovered by FBI????

Two days after Obama’s election… a week before he was due to testify on Benghazi.

It does not take a lot of hemming and haaing to make a person think of just why he was most likely asked … or ordered … to resign … by Obama himself probably … after all … an affair?????  The next question to be asked is what kind of threats were possibley made to him if he did not willingly “resign”?

The cleansing goes on and on and on.  It will not change. It will not get better.  It is what all of you who voted for Obama have asked for since it is nothing new. We have all watched this go on for four years.

Obama has been covered from day one.  He can do no wrong.  He and his “protectors” will make sure he never “does” wrong. He will remain clean as squeaky new snow. Obama himself will see to that.

There are fall guys all around … and they are the honest ones who will not play his game.

Are you not overjoyed Obama was reelected?

It is a time we all must do more than we ever did before in supporting our members of the House.  They will have to stand stronger than ever before against Obama and his will even if it means shutting our government down. It may not be much … just a stand in the House .. but it is all we have right now.

What is better … a shut down government or one who will run rough shod over every single honest human being who stands in its way of total destruction of our freedom …. or bowing down to that government for the sake of “bipartisansip”?

The good guys will never win with Obama. They must beat him.

It is no different than any war anyone has fought before us.

We are in a fight for the life of this country as we have been forever.

This time it is that ongoing fight against the very ones who govern us.

God help us all.

On this day may He stand with General Petraeus.

As this develops … the Sandy victims continue their life of despair … and not a word from the media.  Not a word. Remember Katrina and the villification of Bush?

Obama will remain clean.  He will never do any wrong.

“I will not let you down.  We will cut through the red tape….” 

There are lots of fall guys.

General Petraeus is the largest and most visible one to date.