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Obama Help

So much for the government “helping” the “little” guy… FHA home mortgages costing more.

Of course .. who is surprised?  This is Obama “help”.

Perhaps someone’s  employer wants to expand his business .. wants to hire more people in doing that … wants to build a bigger building to hold his bigger dream … but…

.. here comes the government … Obama “help” … taking his tax cuts away by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire   ... telling him he has to pay more for the health care coverage he is providing for you and all of his other employees .. taxing more and more of his business in so many more ways than ever before..

He decides he cannot afford to expand.. not now.  Not when the future is so unknown as far as new costs for him with what he already has.

He cannot afford to hire more if he cannot expand.

He cannot afford to give any raises for fear of what his new expenses will be.

Tell me how Obama and his policies are helping this country create jobs.

You would love to buy a condo this winter .. something in the sunny south where you can go to get away from those lousy cold winters finally … but .. here comes the government .. Obama “help” .. threatening to raise your taxes .. .to take away more of the money you have spent your entire adult life working for … saving and sacrificing to get to where you are now.

You don’t dare spend any amount of any significance on anything .. not knowing how much you will be paying in new taxes … how much you will be paying in health care .. how much you will be paying for gas …. how high your energy bill will go … or even how much more it will cost to eat once the Obama’s get their hooks completely in … so everything is put on hold.

No new condo .. no work for the contractors who would have been building it .. no work for the developer who was dreaming of hiring all those contractors to do the building .. and who knows how many thousands more people put out of work by foolish decisions by Obama et al?

Tell me again how Obama is helping this country economically or in any way.

Tell me how Obama is helping the business sector of this country in any way.  Tell me how raising taxes on the “rich” will help businesses in the private sector grow .. how it will promote more jobs.

Tell me how anything Obama is proposing or has had passed will or has helped this country in any way.

Obama .. get out of the way.

Let the country get back to work.

November is coming.

Make sure you know who you will vote for.