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Obama Keeps Himself Above Everything

Is Obama so well protected nothing but nothing can touch him?

Who is protecting him to such a degree and why?

The Benghazi hearings that began today so clearly defined what anyone in their right mind knew at the time … the whole attack was covered up right from the top and so what if a few Americans lost their lives… after all … according to Congressman Cummings (D-Md)… “death is a part of life”.

That explains Benghazi away nice and neatly.


The sad thing … and the scary thing .. is that Obama will not be affected by this in any way whatsoever even though we all know he is the one who orchestrated the whole cover up.

Will Hillary feel a pinch?


There is nothing new here.

Dare to speak the truth?

Then prepare to pay the price.

The same thing happened when people protested after Obama seized General Motors …. especially those people who lost their life savings in General Motors stock … and those who lost their businesses … those dealers forced to close. ¬†Any who dared protest too strongly were severely threatened enough from the White House to convince them to swallow hard and take their losses or else.

Anyone with any bit of clear head and common sense can see so clearly what is happening in Washington. The question is is their anyone out there strong enough to stop it?

This Benghazi tragedy that did not have to be a tragedy except for the fact that Obama was on the verge of facing reelection so it just could not be allowed to be a terrorist attack on Americans would have stopped any Republican dead in their tracks … had a Republican been calling these same moves.


Who in the world is protecting him and … once again… why?

Will we ever get our nation back?