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Obama … Moving Forward. Really?


Forward.    Really??

Unemployment .. the true number … stands around 14%.  More jobs are lost each month….. and have been for months.  There were less jobs in May than there were in April.  There were less jobs in June than in May.  There were less jobs in July than there were in June.  There were less jobs in August than there were in July…. and George Bush has been long long long long gone.

Vote in November.

Can you imagine what the headlines of the main stream press would read were the roles reversed… party wise .. in this “event”?      North Carolina Democrat Chair likens Republican governor to Hitler’s mistress.


and here is the truth about the Obama’s being just like you and knowing what it is like to struggle ……


… and here is how much Barack Obama cares…..

… and who is calling who racist???













Enough said.