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Obama Names German General As Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe



First Obama purged the military of all the top people who did not fall into his “agenda” … using any lie or false incrimination he could to do so. ¬†General Petraeus is still under FBI investigation since his removal two years ago … no doubt to stop him from being able to testify to anyone about anything.

Here are some links to the purging Obama has done….

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Now the news comes that Obama has appointed as the Chief of Staff of our Army in Europe …. that is the United States Army …. a German general.

Obama places German foreign commander as Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe

You have to agree there is something very seriously wrong with this picture.

I fear for our country.

As Obama seems to be doing all he can to bring this country upside down …. I stand in pride with Netanyahu as he vows to fight the terrorist Hamas for as long as it takes to bring peace into Israel …. as he tells Obama to ‘back off’.