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Obama Ravaging The Fabric of Our Lives

Obama administration orders army chaplains to refrain from reading letter concerning the forceful procurement of birth control under Obamacare...

… and this is one more serious assault on our freedom  … this time the assault not only being against our freedom of religion .. but also against our freedom of speech….as Obama’s assault on the very fabric of our lives goes on… now attempting to dictate to the Catholic church  what they can or cannot speak from their pulpit.

…When the truth is spoken … we all know what happens. It is taken and twisted and used against those who dare to speak it… such as here… where the only ones pushing racism are those who take that truth and twist it.

Another example of how the truth wheb dared to be spoken is used against the speaker is seen here … where a Pennsylvania bishop dared to speak about the schools in Pennsylvania.

Are you worried yet?

We all should be… worried enough that we will do what we must to ensure Obama is not reelected for a second term .. which means we must be sure to get to the polls to vote in November.

It is the greatest power we have.

It has become more than a right … a privilege.  It has become our duty to vote.

This great country of ours is dependent upon it.