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Obama Spends Millions Of Our Money On His Ads

What right does President Obama have to spend millions and millions of dollars of our money on his and his wife’s ads?

White House to spend another $12 million promoting Obamacare

Here are the Let’s Move ads.

It is different when we have the White House using our money to push their agenda down the throats of we the people. Suggesting something and making it a forceful law are two different things.

President Obama of course has made his personal agenda a law and way.Michelle Obama is doing her best to force all of us to follow what she proclaims to be the only way to eat … for all of us … up to and including what the grocery stores should be able to sell us .. if she had her way.

This is a time when we the people need to recognize the danger of too much power taken by our government.

Who is there to stop it?

We the people.  No one else.